Theresa May is showing contempt for Palestinian rights as she rolls out the red carpet for Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu

The full version of this article was published by The Independent on 6 Feburary 2017.

Benjamin Netanyahu seated behind a desk

Rather than deepening the UK’s relationship with Israel’s human rights abusing government, it’s time Theresa May reminded herself of the UK’s obligations under international law, which if enforced, would block her Government from approving arms exports and other trade that lends material support to Israeli violations.

Theresa May welcomes Benjamin Netanyahu to Downing Street today, just days after the Israeli Prime Minister announced plans for thousands of new illegal settlement units in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The UK Government’s contempt for the rights of Palestinians is clear.

The meeting raises serious questions about the UK Government’s commitment to its obligations under international law, and its willingness to promote and enforce even its own policies regarding Israel and the Palestinians. If May followed the rules of her own government, she would slap an arms embargo on Israel, not roll out the red carpet for its leader.

See full article in The Independent.


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